We just revolutionised music lessons again

Yep, you read that right! Your 2019 just got a whole lot cooler, sit back and let us tell you how.
Along with our building, our teaching model has just undergone a massive rework. The better part
of the past few months has seen us developing and honing a brand new curriculum to fully
integrate private tuition with band lessons. Every Goodtime student will receive tuition in their
instrument as well in the setting of a band with their peers, all with our amazing professional tutors
all in one package.
There’s more, not only have we stretched lessons out to 45 minutes, we’ve cut the price down on a
huge scale.
We are so excited to see this in action as we’re sure you will be too – and with good reason! This
is another massive step we’re making in our mission of taking you from the practice room to the